Here is what we are going to make:

--- UPDATE : 02/06/2018 ---

I'm sorry... I've fallen behind on the work that makes me $$$ so this is on hold for a week or two.

I'll update the forums @ Starwind Software as soon as I have the steps documented.

--- UPDATE : 06/04/2018 ---

Sorry guys, I'm working out the details right now on this.

As you may notice, if you looked before, I've moved from Quad Port 1Gbe cards to Single Port 10Gbe cards.

This gives much, much better performance.

I'm finalizing the scripts and will be posting it all soon.

As of right now everything is a DRAFT and should not be used.

Here is a screen shot of my progress... just getting iSCSI running with MPIO.

Once that is done we can get both nodes into a domain then into a cluster.

Then the real fun starts!!

--- UPDATE: 06/05/2018 ---

Hit a snag with MPIO and iSCSI and had to reset my environment... then hit a snag with Failover Clustering and my domain... so I had to reset again.

...if nothing else, I'm persistent.

Hope to wrap up the steps soon!

Sorry for the delay.