If you have an SG series firewall, and use web filtering, you may have found that your Microsoft Office365 updates fail from time to time.

You may get an error like this:

Image result for office 365 update failed

To fix this, you need to add some sites as exceptions to your SG appliance.

You can do that by doing this...

  • Login to your SG series firewall appliance.
  • Navigate to "Web Protection" in the menu (see image below).

  • Once within "Web Protection" find "Filtering Options" and click on it (see image below).

  • Under the "Exceptions" tab (No.1 in image below) click on the "New Exception List..." button (No.2 in the image below).

  • Within the new exception make sure you have checks in the boxes by No.1, No.2, No.3 and No.4 (see image below).  Then click on the [+] to add new URLs (No.5 in image below).

  • Add following the sites:




  • Once complete, click on the "Save" button.  Don't forget to name your rule and it's always a good idea to add comments.

That's all there is to it!!

Now try the update again and it should succeed.