This document will cover how to remove an application so that it doesn't show up within your SharePoint App Store anymore.

This does not mean you cannot go "buy" it again, but it does remove it from the current list.

You can do the following...

  1. Log into Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft SharePoint Online.
  2. From the "Rubix Cube" pick "Sites".  (see image below)

  3. From within "Sites" pick the site you want to work on.  For this example, I'm using a site called "Team Site".  (see image below)

  4. Once inside of "Team Site" you will need to navigate to the settings menu (or the gear icon) and then to "Add an app".  (see image below)

  5. When you click on "Add an app" you will be brought to you app center.  From here you can click on "Manage Licenses".  (see image below)

  6. Once you are inside of the license management screen you will need to find the application you want to remove and click on it.  For this example, we are using the "Contact Us Form" application.  (see image below)

  7. Once we have selected the application that we want to manage the license of, we can click the "Actions" drop down.  (see image below).

  8. The actions drop down will give us a number of choices based on the application we are working with.  For this example, we merely want to remove the license.  (see image below)

  9. After we click "Remove this license" this application will no longer show up in our application catalog.

** Please note: There is nothing wrong with the "Contact Us Form" and I do suggest using it.  We are just merely picking on this application throughout this example.